ESCAPE ROOM – Epic Escape Game: Blood Thirst – Arizona

Epic Escape Game: Blood Thirst
I was reading and daydreaming about vampires way before the Twilight series was created, so vampire themed escape rooms are always on my to do list. This one is a creative and fun take on the Dracula story. Your team is locked in a room and has 60 minutes to defeat Dracula. The puzzles throughout the room are fun, but defeating Dracula was by far my favorite part. Blood Thirst is incredibly innovative. Moments during the game can get intense and even a bit frightening depending on certain factors. There was one puzzle that was slightly outside of our team’s way of thinking, which leads me to note that you have hints available. If you are really stuck, you should use them. Although I have played several games alone, I highly recommend a team for Blood Thirst. Also invite your favorite vampire expert to join your team. It is certainly a challenging room with around a 20% escape rate. I recommend beginners play one of the other rooms at Epic prior to attacking Blood Thirst, but the first time players in our group had fun too.