ESCAPE ROOM – Epic Escape Game: Top Dog – Arizona

Epic Escape Game: Top Dog

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but when we rejoiced having rescued Sydney in time for her dog show in a group that consisted of random newbies and kids, I was completely sold on this incredibly well designed escape room.

Epic Escape Game’s Top Dog is by far a Top Game in my book. I’ll admit it, I usually dislike playing with random people. However, I wouldn’t trade my experience with our team of strangers. It ended up being one of my favorite experiences of my weekend in the Phoenix area (where I played 14 games in three days). I don’t have children, so getting to experience the Top Dog room with kids was unique. It’s been a while since I’ve played a room with anyone that was so amazed and excited by the adventure. I’m sure we would’ve had a blast without the kids, as well, but it was just such a cool experience. It was also fun to see their excitement when we beat the room’s record escape time.

The story is really cute. You are trying to find and save Sydney the show dog and get her to her show on time. There are no live animals in the game, only adorable stuffed ones. The design and decor is top notch. The theme is well integrated into the puzzles. The puzzles are a combination of clever and fun physical tasks as well as observation, searching, logic and teamwork. Top Dog really has something for everyone. This is not a room I would recommend trying solo. I would highly recommend it for both beginners and experts of all ages. It’s a lot of fun and the difficulty level is easy to moderate with around a 60% escape rate.


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