ESCAPE ROOMS- Maze Rooms: Secret Mission – California 


Secret Mission is a spy themed escape room in Los Angeles near Korea Town. My husband and I played here on New Year’s Eve and the lot was packed, but I used to live a few blocks from this location and I know parking is usually rough. The parking lot is small and often very busy, so I recommend giving yourself plenty of time to find parking in case the lot is full. It is upstairs in a strip mall. The lobby is nice. There are restrooms in the business.

The Secret Mission room is well designed and decorated. There are a few really creative puzzles and a few similar to things I’ve seen before. It’s not an especially difficult room, however we had trouble with a couple of things. One of the things we struggled with gave us such a difficult time that the game master had to come in and do it for us because we knew what we were supposed to do, but just couldn’t get it to work. He took a moment of fiddling with it and finally we could continue. After speaking with him, it seemed as though he was trying to find a fix for that prop. He seemed very passionate about his business and excited for his next room, as well.

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