ESCAPE ROOMS  – Eskape Rooms: Operation Dream State – California 



Eskape escape room is located in Irvine in a business area with a large parking lot. The game master was very friendly and upbeat, especially since we were the only people there and it was a last minute booking keeping him at work on Super Bowl Sunday. He didn’t appear to be the owner, but rather one of the best escape room employees I’ve met. He really seemed to love his job.

It is a good solid game with about 1/2 standard puzzles I’ve seen before and 1/2 really creative and unique ideas. The decor is good. The hint system is through a monitor.

The story is FBI themed, but slightly more creative than other FBI rooms I’ve seen. Here’s the description from their website, “After a decade of meticulous searches and raids, the FBI have finally captured William Lee Woods – #1 on the FBI “Most Wanted” list. His crimes: mass murder and heinous acts of terrorism. During the capture of Woods, the FBI found evidence of his next act of terror. It is up to you and your team of highly skilled agents to expose the details of his next attack before it’s too late!”
It was a good escape room, however one of the main puzzles malfunctioned and there was a bit of trouble with the sound and temperature in the room. It got uncomfortably hot due to the large windows on a hot day.

Overall I would recommend it to both beginners and advanced players because beginners can always ask for hints if they get too stuck.

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