ESCAPE ROOMS – Escape Key Casino – California


This is a fun, professional, high tech escape room company. I’ve played both of the current games, The Casino & Senator Payne.

I really enjoyed the puzzles in The Casino. I found them to be unique, creative and logical. (There was only one puzzle that was a real struggle logically thinking and they mentioned they plan to update it because the majority of groups ask for a hint on it.)
I really admire the staff for being so receptive to feedback. The staff is wonderful, professional, upbeat and personable. The room design is excellent. The production value of the decor is excellent. It is very immersive and well themed. I love that the puzzles use multiple senses & techniques, not just logic and locks. I felt like the first room was well themed, but not so well that it was completely convincingly immersive. However I felt the other rooms within the game were. The ending of the game is very clever, as well. I didn’t expect that last puzzle and it made me smile. The staff was very attentive and excited for our team. You can feel the passion for games throughout the room and staff.

I highly recommend the Casino.

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