HAUNT – Scandia – CA – 2015


2.5 stars

This Halloween haunt has a “wuss” count posted outside of the entrance. That kind of cockiness sets expectations very high and unfortunately they don’t quite deliver. It is a good haunt for what it is, but not so scary that I could imagine anyone wussing out. Certainly I wouldn’t be able to compare this amusement park to a place like Universal Studios, though. It’s more like Pacific Park in Santa Monica.

The maze had some great moments and favorite characters included throughout. They also had a blackout maze, but the blackout maze wasn’t even dark. They have a moment where they scare you and take a photo. It was neat that they give you a photo of yourself from the maze at the end without an up charge.

I only did each maze once, but you have the option to buy a wristband and go through multiple times.

The actors and staff seem very nice and excited about Halloween.

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