HAUNT – Queen Mary Dark Harbor – CA – 2015


3 stars

This year I went on November 1st which is a very different night. Guests were in costumes and it was much more day of the dead. Also the lines weren’t anything like the last time I was there. I’ve always upgraded to front of the line in the past and still had miserable hour plus wait times, this year I did general line and got through the 3 boat mazes, Deadrise and the freakshow by 9pm. We skipped the other 2 mazes because of long wait times and the paintball because we didn’t want to do it anyway.
Queen Mary doesn’t seem to care about the mazes anymore. They have a great entertainment lineup on the stage. Mudd is excellent. The freakshow also had a stage. But the mazes were all basically the same as last year. Lullaby (the new maze) just wasn’t as good as the old maze in that location, so the one they did change got worse. Don’t get me wrong, it had a few moments that were neat like the visual as you enter with the underwater lighting effect. I felt especially bad for the actors this year as I could see sweat dripping off of them in the sweltering rooms (they did their best to give them box fans).

The two mini-mazes in the freakshow were really the scariest. Actually if I were to just attend the freak show area I would give it 5 stars. It’s an upcharge and totally worth it from the talking skeleton to the mazes to the decor to the shows to the roaming freaks. Great little haunt within a mediocre haunt.

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