HAUNT – House of Shock – LA – 2015


4 stars

This event has a 5 star opening show. (Not the blockhead, but the short theatrical performance before they let people in the houses.) The actors have passion and energy. There are some amazing set pieces and animatronics throughout. I loved the freak show themed house.

The event is setup in a way that forces guests that arrive early enough to watch a blockhead show before the opening show. We arrived thinking we were late because the blockhead had already started performing and ended up still waiting 45 minutes before the line really moved and we had upgraded to VIP in order to get through quickly. He actually is a blockhead…he hammers nails in his nose. He also hung things from his nipples, staple gunned his body and put live fireworks in the crotch of his pants. It was unpleasant to watch.

The whole thing took a lot longer than we thought it would (or should).

The freak show maze was very American Horror Story. It was well done and the costumes and props were great. The 3D maze was a pretty standard 3D maze with clowns. The final house was pretty elaborate and visually interesting. There was a strange rather large room with priests toward the end where there was a water effect. I also liked the large room with the animatronic character above the doorway. It was a nice use of that effect.

Overall, none of them were particularly scary, but they were fun and this is definitely an event to experience if you have an evening to kill.


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