HAUNT – 13th Floor – TX – 2015

13th FLOOR

2.5 stars

I did this haunt a few years ago by myself while in town on business and got slammed into the wall by a large snake that pops out of the wall causing me to hit my head on the wall so hard that I got knocked out and woke up on the floor. I let the staff know and saw the medic. Needless to say I HATED THIS HAUNT.

I decided to go with my husband this year while we were in town and the same snake is still there. I saw it and told my husband. I darted past the hole in the wall to avoid getting slammed in the wall again. My husband tried to get past it and HE GOT SLAMMED INTO THE WALL TOO!!! WTF! He said it hurt his shoulder and could still feel it when we were back at the hotel.

Aside from that awful snake…

The band in line was pretty good, albeit loud. There are a few really cool rooms like the slanted bar, alligator swamp, and laser room. The actors overall are pretty good and seem to work hard. The actors in the line outside were very touchy feely. However there really is no story or consistent through line to either maze (it’s split into two mazes). It’s too bad because some of the rooms in the haunt have really amazing production value (like the room that doubles in escape attempts) and they just don’t know how to tell a good story. The overall customer service here is the biggest downfall, though.

13th floor

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