HAUNT – Drunken Devil – CA – 2015

Drunken Devil The Sinner’s Soiree

3 stars


This haunt has a fun concept with hard working actors. It’s a traditional walk through haunted house. The devil’s makeup/mask is wonderful. The music is very good. However the set decor is sparse. There’s definitely none of the big budget animatronics or crazy set designs of a big budget haunt. It feels like a group of Halloween lovers got together and built a haunted house in their downtown loft. It’s a haunt with a lot of heart. The staff seemed really nice.

My husband and I don’t drink, so we didn’t hang around for very long after the maze. We checked out the bar area and bathroom and decided to head home. There was a ghoul and a ghoulish bar girl wandering around the area as well as a few set pieces.

The location is much scarier than the event itself. The biggest problem I had with the haunt is as you exit you pass one lonely young security guard as you walk into a dark alley (literally a homeless man was digging through the trash). My husband made the joke, “you know how a maze always has the one last big scare? Well…” And he was right. I’d take a chainsaw wielding actor over walking through a dark downtown Los Angeles alley at night any day. I would recommend attending in a group of only for your walk back to the car.


Tip: Have your ID handy. They carded us before and after the maze.

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