HAUNT – 17th Door – CA – 2015

17th Door

1 star

I did not like this event, but the actors were great. Everything else was not so good. First they offered a discount, but wouldn’t accept the code when we got the tickets. She told us it was online only, but it didn’t say that anywhere. Then the line was ridiculous. The event is in a strip mall, but they set up portapotties in the parking lot instead of having actual toilets. The idea was neat, but the actual look of the rooms were only ok and the hallways in between rooms really took us out of the mood since they were not decorated. The theme was awful. It wasn’t scary watching a girl deal with body image issues and an eating disorder, it was just not fun. Then being told to eat things and given “pills” was just very similar to “trapped” from Knott’s last year (which remains my least favorite haunt experience to date). The alone moment was uncomfortable, my husband found it quite boring. I liked one room, it was a real ball.

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