ESCAPE ROOMS – Mission Escape Games: Escape the Hydeout – California




We must find out what happened to Dr. Jekyll before Mr. Hyde returns to have our hides!

Escape the Hydeout in Anaheim California is a beautifully done escape game. It tells a clear story using familiar characters from literature. The puzzles are fun and they do a wonderful job of adding their own unique spin on some of the standard puzzles I’ve seen before. They use the space well. They have the perfect combination of standard puzzles and locks combined with technology.

I was most impressed with the gorgeous Victorian style set. The room is very well designed and the decor is outstanding. I had actually played an earlier version of The Hydeout in New York in 2015 and one of the surprises in that room was painfully obvious to a seasoned player, but in the new room I feel they’ve addressed that. They’ve also improved the game overall. There are a few really fun “Wow” moments through the puzzle solving and technology in the game.

They are located about a 10 minute walk from Disneyland, so this is the perfect location if you are on vacation because you can walk over from the park. There is a parking lot, so if you are driving they validate parking. That area can be a little busy depending on when you visit, so be sure to give yourself a little extra time just in case.

I would recommend this game for both new players and experienced players.


ESCAPE ROOMS – Mission Escape Games – New York


I did the Jekyll & Hyde room at Mission Escape Games. It was one of two I visited in NYC.  Most of the rooms I have done are in Los Angeles. I enjoyed the theme of the room and several of the puzzles were unique. It is actually two rooms, but you still escape out of the same door in which you entered. We did have trouble with one puzzle which we immediately understood since we’d seen similar before but still weren’t able to read it because we couldn’t get it to work correctly. The gamemaster had to tell us what it said eventually.  The set decor was sparse but nice enough.  It wasn’t as high tech as some games. Not one of the best, but still fun.