HAUNTS – The Sleepy Hollow Experience – GA

HAUNTS – The Sleepy Hollow Experience – GA


The Sleepy Hollow Experience by Serenbe Playhouse is an interactive theatrical experience like none other. I was able to attend the afternoon performance before heading to the airport on Sunday after a long weekend of attending haunted attractions and escape rooms. It was a perfect sendoff from Georgia.

This story is brought to life by a handful of incredibly gifted musical performers. I loved being a part of the adventure as we physically journeyed throughout the Sleepy Hollow to the school house, bridge and party. I found strong connections to the characters and felt deeply involved in their stories. I was most impressed with the way they interacted with the audience in the break. I was taken aback by the skill of the horseman and the horse as well. I can’t say enough good things about this show. My only regret was that I was unable to see it at night due to scheduling conflicts. I highly recommend it.

Note: Be sure to arrive early and allow time for parking and walking to the location. There is a fair amount of walking outside, so dress accordingly.

HAUNTS – Camp Blood – GA


Camp Blood is a long haunted trail in the woods through scary scenes of Hillbillies & Rednecks. The theme is hilarious and terrifying. It’s an exceptionally fun, albeit somewhat campy at times, experience that I highly recommend! The creators and performers have a great understanding of the genre. They have a clear passion for the event as well. It’s a family run event in its 29th season. I was especially impressed that they have chosen to donate part of their profits to a local kids charity. We had an amazing time in the main attraction as well as playing games, doing a mini escape room and sitting by the campfire. They also have a Palm reader. Oh and don’t be afraid to use the outhouse, they have some of the cleanest bathrooms I’ve seen at a Halloween event.

HAUNTS – Netherworld 2017 – Georgia


Picture if you will an episode of Hoarders taking place in the warehouse of a Halloween prop and animatronic collector and that’s a good start for imagining Netherworld. It was beyond anything I could’ve expected. This sensory overload walk through haunt had me so stunned by the halfway point that I’m sure my eyes glazed over. I’ve never seen so much stuff in a haunt. It was incredible. I can see why it makes so many “Best Haunt” lists. It’s just incredible. The amount of stuff was so overwhelming that it would be impossible to really see everything in just one pass through. I would expect that even after the 10th or 12th time through, a guest could still find things they’d missed. There are also actors flying around and puppeteers and sound/lighting effects throughout the journey. There’s a room at the end that is full of soap suds called a Foam Room that you can choose to walk through. I did not go through it because as I walked up to the entrance a boy ran out of the entrance into me knocking the wind out of me. I decided that as long as the group of boys was horsing around in it I would pass on the experience. I didn’t actually find the haunt scary thematically and honestly the jump scares were a little far and few in between, but it’s still an impressive haunt worthy of a special trip.