Below is a list of the Escape Rooms I’ve played roughly in order of MY favorite to least favorite. Note: I prefer strong storytelling and immersion, especially in horror, paranormal & magic themed escape rooms, so my preferences may be different than yours. Feel free to write to me Twitter @christinebarger or Instagram @TheHauntGirl


Doldrick’s – Captian Spoopy Bones & the Magnificent Quest for Some Other Pirate’s Treasure

Escape Goat – Quest

Lockbusters – Chopper Down

Doldrick’s – Bomb Squad

Lockbusters – Cremlocke Manor

Lockbusters – The Collector

Escapology – Under Pressure

The Escape Game Orlando – Prison Break

Dare 2 Escape – Ringmaster

America’s Escape Game – Lost Tomb of Monthu


The Escape Artists – Secret Society

The Escape Artists – Cat Burgler

R.I.P. these games are no longer around

Get Out – Escape Artist

Get Out – Origins

The Escape Game Orlando – Classified

Escape-topia – Carnival Macabre

The Escape Effect – Encore