My 2021 Haunt Schedule

TheHauntGirl’s 2021 Halloween Schedule

Below is my Haunt Season schedule for 2021.

If you see me at an attraction please say hello!

My husband & I are launching our comedic horror themed escape room during haunt season, so I will be limited this year to local attractions as I will also be working at the escape room.

*If you’d like to invite me to your haunt or escape room, please DM me on Instagram @TheHauntGirl or email Thank you!

8/15 – Midsummer Scream

8/20 – Horrorworld

9/9 – Universal HHN

9/12 – Creep it real OC

9/16 – Knott’s Scary Farm

9/18 – Magic Mountain Fright Fest

9/30 – Delusion

10/7 – The Clown Academy

10/15 – Haunt of Halloween

10/17 – Deadwater State Penitentiary (Hallow’s Eve Inc)

10/20 – Pirate’s Cave

10/20 – Corona Haunt

10/22 – Fright Nights at AleSmith

10/23 – Circus of Nightmares

10/23 – Holiday Fantasies Come to Life

10/25 – Haunted House of Misfits

10/25 – LA Hayride

Various dates – Mr Floats

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