HAUNTS – The Bite LA – CA


Runs through November 1 – Tickets start at $116 per car

What You Get:

8 Bites, Per Person In Your Vehicle**

1  Campfire Dessert, Per Person In Your Vehicle**

1 Hot Cocoa, Hot Apple Cider or Coffee, Per Ticket

Immersive Drive-Thru Food Crawl Zone

Access to the Flashlight Creature Safari 

Access to Campfire Ghost Stories

Car Costume Contest – Decorated Cars Eligible for Prizes

**VEG, VG and GF Options Available  

photo by The Bite LA

This is a family friendly drive through Halloween themed food experience.

Overall we had a lot of fun. The flashlight creature safari was my favorite part of the experience. I enjoyed the monsters in each scene bringing us the different food options. The food was good and I appreciated the vegan/vegetarian/gluten free options.

It did have a few flaws when we attended. They ran out of cupcakes and water when I asked for those items. When we sat around the virtual campfire in our car the stories were more ads and not really scary stories. There was no mention of the car costume contest during the event until I asked and they had to call someone to find out about it. (Apparently they will post photos of the winners on social media and you must keep an eye out then message them if it’s your car. They were unclear which platform or when this would happen.)

However the biggest issue was the time it took to get through the experience: We arrived at 9pm for our 9:15 tickets. Waited in line to check in until around 10pm. Got our first food bite around midnight. Arrived at virtual campfire around 1am.

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