Online Immersive Theatre, Scavenger Hunts & more…

I hope you are staying safe, healthy and sane in these unusual times. I’ve been busy saving a girl from a serial killer, helping another figure out a mystery, finding out I’m not of this world and so much more this week. Here are a few of the things I’ve been up to…

GISH – Greatest International Scavenger Hunt is doing another 1 day home mini hunt May 30th. Tickets are $15 and go to helping feed kids impacted by covid related school closures. My team is full, but you can easily jump into the Gish Bunker Facebook group to find teammates or wait for the computer to add you to a team. Registration closes today!!!

GRAYMAN – Call 908-666-4419 to get started. I completed this leg of my journey toward saving Jamie, but there is still more to be done. Be sure to start by calling the number but also check out on IG. This is a free ARG that appears to be a promotion for something bigger at The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience.

OUT THERE – “Out There” is an incredible immersive theatre piece done over zoom by Secret Thing. This is one of my all time favorite immersive theatre pieces. It came at a perfect time and was one of the most uniquely uplifting experiences I’ve done. I was literally crying happy tears by the end. I highly recommend checking out this company and getting on their mailing list for upcoming events.

TOGETHER APART – Digital escape game experience for a minimum of 2 people. You need to communicate with your teammate(s) as they solve their half of the game on their own device in order for everyone to complete the mission. This is great for team building. My husband and I played and we had a fun time!

ARCANA – Jade needs your help!!! If you like paranormal stories this is for you. Only 1 week left to join in this free online ARG. You can also check out the BEGINNERS GUIDE here to catch up.

I’ve also played a few escape rooms online this past week…check the youtube channel for reviews.


WHAT DO YOU NEED? – What do you need right now? Capital W invites you to connect through a variety of experiences that both explore and escape the moment we’re in. Each piece is a one-on-one interaction between performer and audience member. Each one addresses a different need. Each one welcomes you however you are.

1988 – 1988 is a one on one immersive text adventure through Instagram Direct messaging. The story begins with Jackson in 1988 as you read, watch and listen to a day in his life. 32 years pass and the Player is contacted to help Jackson in 2020 by answering questions, looking up information, and solving puzzles.

ESCHATON – (I’ve got tix for June 13th maybe I’ll see you there!) Digital night at the club…a maze of rooms featuring dozens of NYC’s finest performers. Wander this shuttered nightclub where you can interact and find a new strange delight behind every doorway. Meet up with friends, invite a date, or come alone. Doors reopened for a limited time. Eschaton will open for exactly 60 minutes. Tickets are limited. 18+ ONLY. 

THE TINY CUPBOARD – The Rude Zoom Bar: Enter a Virtual Bar with The World’s Meanest Bartenders

ADA & THE LOST HORIZON – interactive storytelling game

TRACING SPHERES – Tracing Spheres is an entirely digital experience that you can participate in from home or wherever you find yourself. No pants necessary. All you need is your phone, though a pad of paper and pen will certainly come in handy.

WHERE THE OTHERS ARE – A Filmed Immersive Theatre Experience

ANDREW GOES OUTSIDE – Livestream with Andrew as he goes outside once a week.

MUNDANE MYSTERIES – A Remote Immersive Experience

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