HAUNTS – Hush – MI



Hush is a 40,000 square foot professional haunt just outside of Detroit Michigan. We went in the middle of October and they already had a very large crowd compared to a lot of the haunts this season. It’s nice to see the community out enjoying Halloween early, however keep that in mind when you plan since there are likely be long lines. Hush does offer fast pass and immediate entry options if you are in a hurry or just don’t like to wait. They also have specialty events including glow stick walk throughs in the dark at the end of the season and kids day.


Hush was a fun experience. The props and sets were very well done. I loved the special effects and large animatronics. There were a handful of actors that really understood the art of the scare and storytelling. I especially liked finding out about a few easter eggs in the design such as the Hush logo showing up when you least expect it.


Thank you to Hush for having me out to experience the haunt. It was a great time!

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