HAUNTS – Erebus – MI


First I’d like to congratulate Erebus on their top placement on this year’s USA Today 10Best List. It’s a well deserved win.
Erebus is one of the few haunted attractions I’ve seen that has effectively taken a huge variety of scenes and managed to tell a coherent story. I love the idea that the guests are being used as test subjects to time travel. The addition of a small archway between scenes combined with the story at the top was enough to tell an interesting tale while still allowing for creative freedom in the different sections for amazing scares. The large, unique location adds so much charm to the event. Erebus uses the four levels that houses the haunt effectively having you go up stairs and down ramps in a way that really made me uncertain of where I was and what was coming next. I love the buried alive moment. I found the set and props impressive. I especially loved the Dinosaur.
Overall I think Erebus puts on and incredible event and I hope you’ll check it out. Thank you to Erebus for having us out to experience it.

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