HAUNTS – Fear The Woods – GA


Fear the Woods is a haunted attraction consisting of 3 attractions in a beautiful location in Stockbridge. They asked us to complete the attractions in a specific order. First we began with a walk through haunted attraction near the front that had many twists and turns. The second was a fun zombie laser experience outdoors. We were divided into small groups and set loose to “kill” as many zombies as possible without dying ourselves. This was actually my favorite attraction because it was so unique and fun. The third attraction required a bus trip to the entrance where we meet a gatekeeper that divided the bus load into smaller groups to walk through. There were many different themes throughout the trail in the woods. We exited the trail into the parking lot.

They did a great job with crowd flow. I especially enjoyed the monsters in the midway area, but everyone was clearly working very hard to scare guests throughout. One thing they seemed to do more here than other events I’ve experienced is mess with your balance and footing, so be careful and watch your step. Thank you Fear the Woods for having me out to see your event.

*Photos provided by Fear the Woods

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