ANNOUNCEMENT: Immersive Haunt

Coming this Fall…  A side quest in the “M” series.

(1) Those who have journeyed through Prelude & Part I will receive dates, & location information first and receive priority booking. (2) Followed by those who just went through Prelude or Part I. (3) Anyone who did not attend an M event but purchased A Prelude will have the next opportunity to book. (4) Then, if any slots are available after, we will open them up to current and (5) new applicants.

Attendees will venture through alone for a 30 minute interactive experience.

A Prelude: the Interactive film is still available to view for $5.

Official title, dates, and times will be made available in one week to level one applicants. Level 2 will receive their email 4 days later, and so on and so forth.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Still booking M90sN for 10/18 & 25.

There are 6 slots available.

Six people will enter in a group. Each person will have a unique experience and perspective. Guest may purchase multiple slots to enhance their experience.

Each slot is $100.

Arrive: 8:45

Experience: 9-11pm (approximately)

Location: 15 mins Southeast of LAX.


We are BL4KM4SS

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