ESCAPE ROOMS – YouEscape – Online


I took on the challenge of YouEscape solo today. I’ve played a few online escape rooms, but this is the first interactive online escape room I have played with a live game master through video chat. Nick the creator of this unique escape room experience has a passion for escape games and you can tell. It’s a creative game that has both story and clever puzzles. It felt like a combination of the online games and live games done through video chat. The puzzles connect with the story. Some of them you physically complete through your computer, while others you instruct the game master on camera to complete on your behalf. You can play as a group, solo or with strangers if you wish. The homemade props are effective for symbolizing the different aspects of the story and supplying the necessary information, however they are not realistic like you would find in a big budget live escape room. Overall it was fun. Thank you Nick for inviting me to play.

If you’d like more information or to book your game click this PATREON LINK. 

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