LIST OF HAUNTS I’M ATTENDING 2018 (Tentative Schedule)

9/15 Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest – CA

9/16 Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights – CA

9/21 Stillwell Manor – IN

9/21 Indy Screampark – IN

9/22 Dungeon of Doom – IL

9/22 Abandoned Haunted House Complex – WI

9/23 Six Flags Great America Fright Fest – IL

9/27 Haunted Jail in Colombia City – IN

9/29 Midnight Terror Haunt – IL

9/29 Dead Rising – IL

9/29 Undead Acres – IL

10/4 Sinister Pointe Scary Place – CA

10/5 HorrorWorld – CA

10/6 WB Horror Made Here – CA

10/7 Reality X Immersive Escape Experience – CA

10/12 Reign of Terror – CA

10/13 Haunted Amusement Park – Ca

10/13 The Haunted Lodge (Scareventures) – CA

10/13 The Scream Zone – CA

10/14 Backwoods Maze – CA

10/19 Invoke – CA

10/20 The Haunt in Atascadero-CA

10/20 The Haunt on Main – CA

10/20 Lompoc Haunt- CA

10/21 Fear Farm- CA

10/21 Rotten Apple 907- CA

10/24 LA Haunted Hayride -CA

10/26 Theatre Macabre-CA

10/27 Queen Mary Dark Harbor -CA

10/27 Dia De Los Muertas at Hollywood Forever Cemetery – CA

10/28 The Opeechee Haunt -CA

10/28 Theatre Macabre (again) -CA

10/29 Boney Island -CA

10/30 Spooky Hallows -CA

10/31 VooDoo on the Bayou – CA

11/1 HHN Orlando – FL

11/2 Paranoia- FL

11/2 Theatre of Terror- FL

11/2 CarnEvil- FL

11/3 Scream-a-Geddon -FL

11/16 Delusion – CA

My current schedule is changing drastically this season. I was planning on Florida this weekend but due to weather changed plans last minute.

Message me on Instagram with your suggestions of other Haunts I need to see this year!!!

3 thoughts on “LIST OF HAUNTS I’M ATTENDING 2018 (Tentative Schedule)

  1. Thanks for doing what you are and sorry your schedule was changed due to the storms. Not certain how it happened, but you are missing “THE DENT SCHOOLHOUSE” in Cincinnati, OH.
    Dent has been listed many, many times as a TOP 5 Haunt in the Nation and is a MUST SEE Halloween attraction.


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