ESCAPE ROOM – Escape Room Palm Springs: Dark Shadows Room – California


Escape Room Palm Springs is only about a two hour drive from Los Angeles. They have four different games at their location. Out of the three I’ve played so far, Dark Shadows in my favorite. I happen to love supernatural themed rooms and this one does not disappoint. The story is briefly explained through a creative video at the beginning and then your group is lead into the room.

The story is creative and quite elaborate compared to many other rooms I’ve played. The decor in Dark Shadows is really top notch. There are also very unique and wonderful props in this game. The puzzles are fun, however there is a little repetition in finding the solutions that I found a bit tedious. Overall the immersion and thoughtfully designed room is well done. This is a fairly difficult room, but you may ask for as much assistance from your gamemaster as you’d like. The owner and staff are very friendly and passionate about their business.

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