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  Escape Zone AZ located in Tempe (just outside of Phoenix) is a wonderful Escape Room company in a great location. I played The Inheritance and Jail Break. Both games are innovative and clever. It takes something special for a fairly low tech game to really impress me and this company did. I found the storytelling in The Inheritance superb. I love how the puzzles and even the hint system were completely integrated into the story. The jail did a wonderful job storytelling as well, but it’s hint system and use of space were most noteworthy.

Overall, the puzzles in both games were incredibly creative. I found myself literally squealing with delight a few times when solving these unique puzzles that I hadn’t seen before. I mean, come on…they had multiple unique puzzles that I hadn’t seen before…that in itself is impressive. I enjoyed the use of both physical and mental tasks.

The space and decor  was impressive, as well. I would never had known the space used to be a yoga studio if they hadn’t told me. The professionally decorated rooms are completely immersive down to the angle of the ceiling in the attic. They are absolutely beautiful.

The owners are passionate about their games and very skilled at customer service. I was only able to fit The Inheritance in my schedule to play during a weekday and it just so happened I would be alone. The owner called me ahead of time and discussed options with me, when it turned out I was willing to play alone he allowed me to do so. I escaped just in the nick of time. My husband and I played Jail Break the following night and we weren’t so lucky. I was however able to see the entire game and the end is fun and not what I expected, very well done.

I highly recommend this company. I am looking forward to their upcoming game, Lunar Lab.

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