ESCAPE ROOMS – Quicksand Escape Games – California


Quicksand Escape Games is an escape room company in San Diego California. The owners are quite passionate escape room enthusiasts that have created a unique and clever game. It’s set in a 1920’s Speakeasy. The very first puzzle is one of the most unique and clever puzzles I’ve seen in a while. It was incredibly well woven into the story, as well. I can’t really say much else about the puzzles that surprised me and so forth without getting into spoiler territory. I will say that the visual of the final puzzle is really wonderful. Overall the story, puzzles and decor are very well done. The theme doesn’t lend itself to high tech gadgets, but they do incorporate a little technology that fits the 1920’s era. Speaking of themes…I will say this was fun even though it wasn’t a theme that I personally connected with. However, my husband prefers historical themes though and he flipped for this room.

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