HAUNT – Talladega Frights- California 2016

TALLADEGA RANCH – 4 out of 5 stars

This review is long overdue. I attended the Valentine’s Day Talladega Frights event in Bakersfield, CA this year. I thought it would be nice to post this now since they are having their Beers for Fears event next weekend.

The event I attended was a great event for teenagers. There was even a special area for teens only. There was a large slide, music and the haunt, as well as a few vendors. I was only interested in the haunt, so bypassed everything else and headed to stand in line upon arrival. It was a very slow moving line. There was a large screen playing movie clips and a couple of monsters moving back and forth through the line. The haunt itself was well done. The haunt was longer than I expected considering I was told by staff that it was only a fraction of the actual haunt they do at Halloween. The actors worked hard. They did a wonderful job of creating fear and confusion in one section that consists of an actual maze. My husband and I even got separated from each other for a bit. I really enjoyed the haunt and look forward to their Halloween event. I just hope they find a way to move the line along a bit more quickly, since I expect it will be much much busier.

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