ESCAPE ROOMS – Enigma Escape Rooms: The Will – California 


I’ve played all three current rooms at Enigma and they are truly one of the top companies in the escape room industry. They are located on Sunset in Los Angeles. The Will, the third room, is an amazing experience unlike the typical padlock style puzzle room. The Will is set in a home and that’s what it looks like. There are not a bunch boxes hiding behind objects sealed with padlocks, but rather furniture and realistic set dressing. At first I just stood in the room taking everything in and trying to figure out where to begin, but once I accepted that this room is much cooler than the typical room I quickly got into the groove and start figuring out the solutions.

The puzzles are unique and creative. The room design and decor is great. The story is well constructed. The owners/creators are passionate and very nice. I highly recommend Enigma’s The Will.

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