ESCAPE ROOMS – Escape Room LA: Detective – California 


Unusual circumstances left my husband and I able to play this escape room with just the two of us, but it is an 8-12 person room. It’s made for a large group and I recommend playing with a group. Unfortunately we didn’t get out with only 2 of us, but we did solve just over 75% of the puzzles which I’m very proud of. There is a lot to do in this room!

I loved the theme and decor of the room. The puzzles are all pretty obvious once you discover them and none of them are overly difficult, however some are incredibly time consuming. If you are really curious, you can see inside the room in this online clip of Conan at this location.

Although this isn’t my favorite room with this company (I like the theatre best), we had an amazing experience being able to work together without the normal large group. Most of the escape rooms I’ve played with my husband (2 alone) and we love working together but often find large groups too overwhelming…so it was a really special moment to be able to experience this room the way we did. (Normally they would cancel the game, which they’ve done to us before.)

Note: Give yourself a little extra time because traffic and parking can sometimes be difficult downtown Los Angeles.


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