ESCAPE ROOMS – Haunted Recording Studio – California 



I think one of the things that separates this from other escape games is authenticity of the set of the haunted recording studio. It’s incredibly immersive. The puzzles fit the story/theme of the game. It’s definitely not one of those escape rooms with a bunch of laminated puzzles to open box after box. No tedious Sudoko here. (Thank you Misha! I hate math.) This is a wonderful space with multiple rooms that place you smack dab in the middle of a recording studio to help the ghost, so each room has unique puzzles that make sense and use more than your average “number gathering” skills. I especially love the use of sound effects to assist players through the game. It’s creative and very useful.

It’s a fun game. The owner is passionate about escape games. His excitement filled the room as we entered and signed the waiver. He shared with us some of his ideas for future rooms…I can’t wait to play!  This is a good game for all ages and experience levels, although advanced players may not find it as challenging as some other rooms they’ve played.


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