ESCAPE ROOMS  – Escape Room LA: The Alchemist – California 


 This is the escape room company in downtown Los Angeles that was featured on Conan. I played the Alchemist escape game during beta testing, so I can only say what it was like when I was there the week before it was to officially open. The escape room was not finished. The room had only the props needed to solve the puzzles and no actual decor. One of the puzzles wasn’t functional yet either. The puzzles that I did get to work on were fun. I enjoy when rooms try to incorporate all of the senses and the do. It is set up in a way that it’s nearly impossible for a player to be involved in all puzzles because of the divided manner in which the room is presented. I’d like to assume that it turned out to be an amazing room, but I haven’t been back to see it since it was completed.

*Photo from the company’s Instagram 

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