ESCAPE ROOMS  – Disaster Room 915 – Texas


I played this escape room in October on my through El Paso and truly lives up to it’s name: Disaster Room.

My husband and I did the haunted Heidi room.
The staff seemed very nice and the space inside is great but the neighborhood had me freaked out. I kept checking on the car from the lobby window.
The inside of each room is realistically decorated to the theme. There were real working kitchen appliances in the first room. They obviously put a lot of work into it. However I’ve done almost 80 escape games nationwide at this point and this still ranks in my top three for “most illogical puzzles” I’ve encountered. They do a good job of making it feel real with few “game pieces”…but in doing that they’ve made the puzzles so obscure that I didn’t find it to be a fun logical puzzle game. I actually didn’t enjoy it, I just found it frustrating. We couldn’t figure out the answers to the puzzles even with hints because they just didn’t make sense to either my husband or myself.

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