ESCAPE ROOMS – Maze Rooms: Demon Hunter – California


If you are new to the escape room scene, this room will really impress you. It is a fun escape room!

Because I’ve played so many escape rooms, I expect very specific things to truly impress me above and beyond. I want a game that has a great setup, story, decor, props, puzzles, logic, ambience…basically I should feel like I’m in a movie solving puzzles to escape a seriously awesome scenario. This room had some of those strengths but fell short in other areas.

First of all the story is pretty good, but the setup is lacking. There is no video, audio or otherwise storytelling aspect aside from the owner David (who seems very nice) telling us quickly the story. The room looks good and uses mood lighting, but there is no music or sound effects. The puzzles are not particularly difficult to solve once you find everything you need. Unfortunately the ending to me was a let down because I had high expectations and it just didn’t live up to them. I feel like this room would be improved if it used effects to make it a bit more scary. Also some of the set pieces/props are already getting quite beaten up and they haven’t been open very long. Unfortunately that is to be expected of games, but a truly amazing company will be on top of those things with replacements immediately.

Also part of the reason it is not a five star room in my opinion is the price we paid to play. I didn’t feel like it should be a $45 per person game compared to other rooms I’ve played in town for less. We had a two person team, it is cheaper per person the more you have on your team though.

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