ESCAPE ROOMS – Roomescape LA Prison – California

Roomescape LA Prison



I recently played the new Prison escape game with my parents and husband and it is fun. It was my parents first escape game. It is a lot like other prison escape games I’ve played. (It’s a pretty common theme among escape games.) They have one really unique puzzle that I had never seen before and it made me checkle when I realized that it was the puzzle. We found ourselves finding work arounds on most of the locks to complete the solutions. We actually got ourselves a little confused because we solved one lock way before we should have and then spent time on puzzles we had already solved but didn’t know it. I’ve seen a lot of puzzles and my experience in this room will not likely be the same for someone new to escape games. I do recommend that guests play the prison before playing the bank, especially if they are new to escape rooms.

This company has expanded quite a bit since we played the bank and to be honest I really liked the game masters better before. They were personable and passionate about the business last time, but now the staff is much bigger and they come across a bit cold and mechanical. They just don’t have the same passion or personal touch that I enjoyed in the staff previously.

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