HAUNT – The Massacre on Marshall Road – TX – 2015


5 stars

This is not your typical haunt. This haunt made me wish that all scareactors were trained service men & women. NOTHING compares to the actors in this maze.

First of all let me explain that this is a haunt on a military base. Not near it, ON IT. I had to get a pass to go on the base in order to drive to the haunt after the GPS directed my into a cemetery that had closed the gate and I didn’t think I could get out…oh yeah in a rain storm in El Paso.

The haunt is in a big building with a lot of space on the base. I can’t say the props or sets were glamorous, they weren’t. It felt like I was walking through a warehouse with a lot of fog, cool sound and minimal sets that I couldn’t really see anyway because of the fog. But it didn’t matter because the actors were THAT good. It’s like they would come out of nowhere, scare me and disappear into nowhere only to get me again seconds later. It was amazing! Normally actors don’t really surprise me, but these folks had me jumping and squealing multiple times per room. It was awesome!

I cannot recommend this haunt enough.

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