HAUNT – Motel 6 Feet Under – CA – 2015

Motel 6 Feet Under

5 stars

This is one of my favorite haunts of 2015! I love the use of the actual “maze” element, the animatronics, and the actors! The maze when you enter appears larger than it is due to the great work the designers and actors did of moving the guests around in a way that feels like you are going somewhere, when in fact you are going in circles until the false wall is moved. I enjoy the use of this device for both effect and line control. One of my favorite effects is the floating lamp illusion. This haunt has a lot of heart. It is fun like the good old fashion haunt that I adore. Great “boo scares” that had me jumping and giggling like a little kid. My stomach hurt from laughing before I was even out of the haunt…and that’s a very good thing. I always laugh when I’m having fun in a haunt. I know it can frustrate the actors, but it just means they are doing a great job and these folks did an amazing job.

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