ESCAPE ROOM – Steal and Escape – California

Steal and Escape


The government wants me to break into my neighbor’s house to save America? Sure. I always thought he was a weird dude anyway. Let’s go!

The story of Steal and Escape is a unique take on the typical “you work for the government.” I really like that we are called on to save our country by breaking IN to the neighbor’s house. Not a lot of rooms have you break IN, usually you are breaking out. The story continues throughout the game as you discover and unlock the pieces. The puzzles themselves are well done and creative. I managed to solve a large physical puzzle by myself that was supposed to be a team effort. I enjoyed the creativity of the puzzles, instead of the standard blacklight searching games I see in so many rooms. There was a lot of thought and passion in this game and you can tell. The decor is great, as well. Overall it is a fun, immersive game located in San Diego.

HAUNT – Haunted Hotel – CA – 2015

Haunted Hotel

5 stars


This is the only haunt that I can think of that doesn’t tell a story and I still loved it. I have never been to this even before, so I’m not sure how much they change it up. I didn’t understand the story, if there was one, but each little section of the haunt was really specific and fun. The island of the dolls was my favorite visually. A stuffed animal literally “got” me and I jumped a foot in the air screaming by the time I landed I was clapping and laughing like a little kid. It was great fun! My absolute favorite effect was the use of airbags. I had a blast in that room. The only problem with this event, aside from parking, is that it’s a bit too short.

HAUNT – Savage House – CA – 2015

Savage House

5 stars


PIC: My husband with actor in the bathroom inside maze.

This is the best storytelling I have seen in a haunt this year. Upon entering the first scene I couldn’t believe I was still in a Target parking lot. I felt like I’d been¬†teleported into a totally different location. The actors do a wonderful job. I love the scenes in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the opening. The “mazes” within the haunt are really fun! I especially like the actual maze area at the end which is both tight quarters and disorienting with several chainsaws. I am not a fan of chainsaws, however they use them in the most terrifying way I have every experienced. It is a really well done haunt.