ESCAPE ROOMS – The Escape Effect Encore – FL

ESCAPE ROOMS – The Escape Effect Encore – FL

The Escape Effect

Encore at The Escape Effect is a beautifully designed escape room packed with creative puzzles in a gorgeous setting. As a theatre nerd I got a bit giddy upon entering the game. It actually looks like a backstage area in a theatre. The many many puzzles are cleverly hidden throughout the game. Part of the challenge is to figure out your path along the way. One of my favorite things about this escape room is the lighting design. I’ve never seen anything quite like it in an escape room. I found the game quite challenging to play alone, but incredibly fun. I am also impressed with how they snuck all information needed in the game organically so if you don’t have the prior knowledge, you have guides to teach it to you to solve the puzzles. It is a well done game with a lot of heart. I highly recommend it for anyone that enjoys escape rooms, the theatre, or puzzles.


Below is a list of the Escape Rooms I’ve played roughly in order of MY favorite to least favorite. Note: I prefer strong storytelling and immersion, especially in horror, paranormal & magic themed escape rooms, so my preferences may be different than yours. Feel free to write to me Twitter @christinebarger or Instagram @TheHauntGirl


Doldrick’s – Captian Spoopy Bones & the Magnificent Quest for Some Other Pirate’s Treasure

Escape Goat – Quest

Lockbusters – Chopper Down

Doldrick’s – Bomb Squad

Lockbusters – Cremlocke Manor

Lockbusters – The Collector

Escapology – Under Pressure

The Escape Game Orlando – Prison Break

Dare 2 Escape – Ringmaster

America’s Escape Game – Lost Tomb of Monthu


The Escape Artists – Secret Society

The Escape Artists – Cat Burgler

R.I.P. these games are no longer around

Get Out – Escape Artist

Get Out – Origins

The Escape Game Orlando – Classified

Escape-topia – Carnival Macabre

The Escape Effect – Encore