ESCAPE ROOMS – The Escape Effect Encore – FL

ESCAPE ROOMS – The Escape Effect Encore – FL

The Escape Effect

Encore at The Escape Effect is a beautifully designed escape room packed with creative puzzles in a gorgeous setting. As a theatre nerd I got a bit giddy upon entering the game. It actually looks like a backstage area in a theatre. The many many puzzles are cleverly hidden throughout the game. Part of the challenge is to figure out your path along the way. One of my favorite things about this escape room is the lighting design. I’ve never seen anything quite like it in an escape room. I found the game quite challenging to play alone, but incredibly fun. I am also impressed with how they snuck all information needed in the game organically so if you don’t have the prior knowledge, you have guides to teach it to you to solve the puzzles. It is a well done game with a lot of heart. I highly recommend it for anyone that enjoys escape rooms, the theatre, or puzzles.



ZOE In Bally's Las Vegas_ZOE outside Bally's Las Vegas_Credit Sean Jorgensen.jpg

Zoe is an incredibly scary and fun adventure conveniently located in the heart of the Vegas Strip. Playing Zoe is like stepping into your own role in a real life scary movie. It’s puzzles, storytelling, scares and fun all in one place. I was impressed with the set design, props, puzzles and staff. They really nailed the set-up and scare pattern that works so well in horror. I especially love that final memory the guests leave with, not only is it visually stunning but it’s heightened by the fear in that moment. It is a fun experience for anyone that enjoys a bit of a fright. I highly recommend Zoe for beginners and escape room enthusiasts alike.

Interior Zoe with Players_Credit Sean Jorgensen.jpg

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