ESCAPE ROOM – 60out Escape Room: Doctor Psycho – California

60out Escape Room: Doctor Psycho

I’ve played A LOT of psycho killer rooms and honestly I thought I was “over” that theme until I played Doctor Psycho. This new room in Los Angeles is a refreshing change from the typical psycho killer escape rooms. It is innovative and fun. There is a great creep factor and comfortableness about it that I haven’t felt in a while. The decor is good. The puzzles are great. Yeah, there are still typical locks and some standard puzzle logic that I’ve seen before, but they also did some new and creative stuff that I just love! (Honestly I’m almost at my 200 room mark, so chances are the puzzles I have seen before will still be fresh and new to most players.) I especially love the way they integrate the players into the story in such an immersive way. Normally when I play a room that just opened I expect a few glitches and growing pains, but this room didn’t have them. I am looking forward to seeing what these guys come up with next.


ESCAPE ROOMS- Escape Key Entertainment: Senator Payne – California¬†(60Out Escape Games)


(When we played the company was called Escape Key)

This is a fun, professional, high tech escape room company. I’ve played both of the current games, The Casino & Senator Payne.

This escape room is incredibly unique and fun in theme and presentation. I’ve seen some similar puzzles before, but they overall have a fresh room. (I’ve played over 60 games, so I’ve seen a lot of puzzles.) Our group got stuck on the more simplistic things like finding things and quickly understood some of the more complicated puzzles. I think you’d need at least two people to complete this room. Teamwork is highly important. The second half of the game is a little “scary” but nothing extreme. I personally found this “medium” level room much harder than the casino. Sometimes that’s the case depending on the way you think compared to the puzzles.

I highly recommend this escape game company.