HAUNT – Evil Twin Studios Ward 13 – CA – 2015

Evil Twin Studios Ward 13

4.5 stars


I love Evil Twin Studios. It’s been one of my favorite haunts since the theatre a few years ago when the girl planted in our group got taken by a monster and a woman in our group freaked out and chased the actor to reprimand him for picking on the poor girl. It was my favorite moment in a haunt ever! Last year they did a wonderful job with the Mortuary and really got innovative. This year they have a new location. The theme is Ward 13 and they have really tried some new interactive things with their haunt this year. I love that they keep each group separate, too. It did however fall a little short of my expectations for an Evil Twin event because the story which has been so strong in the past is a little confusing and disjointed this year. I like that they got creative and I think overall it’s an experience like no other. The staff is really great over there too. It’s not marketed as an extreme haunt, but I thought it was much more interactive and scary than some of the haunts I’ve signed waivers for…after all you may be touched and you will crawl for a short time among other things. The most innovative thing they did this year is strap guests to wheelchairs and push them around the courtyard area. It was a very creative idea. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for next year.