ESCAPE ROOMS- Get the F Out: The Virus – California 



The Virus is a laboratory themed escape room where every player is a scientist working with the actor in the room to save the world from a virus. It’s located in Burbank California just outside of Los Angeles. The opening is done through Virtual Reality technology that is very unique. It’s one of the most creative openings I’ve seen for an escape room. The VR looks great and tells the story well. Then the game begins in the lab. It’s a single room and the idea is the room will eventually crush you if you don’t save the world. The room appears to get smaller throughout the game because it IS getting smaller. The puzzles are a mix of unique ideas and traditional puzzles. There are a lot of them, too. You could probably do this room with two experienced escape room players or puzzle people, but extra people could assist with some of the more time consuming puzzles. There is a bit of technology mixed in once the VR is complete, but it’s not super high tech once game play begins. This is not a buyout ticket structure, so get a group of friends together or you might being placed with strangers.



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