ESCAPE ROOMS – Enigma HQ – California


Enigma HQ is a creative escape room company in San Diego California. The staff is very professional and interested in the guest experience. The room we played had a very elaborate backstory which is told through video before entering the room to begin game play. The company makes use of technology throughout the game. It is a clever supernatural theme that is right up my alley. I enjoyed the creativity used in the puzzles as well as how they tied to the story. I felt the puzzles were a little repetitive due to the way they structured them to enhance the story elements, but still very different than what I’ve seen in other escape games. I imagine that for new players this room is mind blowing. However as an enthusiast, I can be very nit picky and I would say that one of the important puzzles could have multiple interpretations so I felt like I was guessing rather than solving and we wasted a lot of time on that puzzle…guessing. The game master explained that one to me at the end and although I could see her point, I still thought my interpretation made more sense than the actual answer. Even with getting stuck for a while, my husband and I got out with a little help from the game master. They have a really cool green screen photo op after the game that even ties into the story. It’s always fun to walk away carrying another fun photo for the scrapbook.


ESCAPE ROOMS – Quicksand Escape Games – California


Quicksand Escape Games is an escape room company in San Diego California. The owners are quite passionate escape room enthusiasts that have created a unique and clever game. It’s set in a 1920’s Speakeasy. The very first puzzle is one of the most unique and clever puzzles I’ve seen in a while. It was incredibly well woven into the story, as well. I can’t really say much else about the puzzles that surprised me and so forth without getting into spoiler territory. I will say that the visual of the final puzzle is really wonderful. Overall the story, puzzles and decor are very well done. The theme doesn’t lend itself to high tech gadgets, but they do incorporate a little technology that fits the 1920’s era. Speaking of themes…I will say this was fun even though it wasn’t a theme that I personally connected with. However, my husband prefers historical themes though and he flipped for this room.

ESCAPE ROOMS -Great Room Escape San Diego: Houdini – California



The Great Room Escape San Diego is an escape room located in the same location as the wonderful haunted attraction Haunted Hotel. The space is great. I had no trouble finding street parking nearby. They currently have 3 different games. I played Houdini’s Hidden Workshop.

I am a little biased to magic themed rooms as an active member of the magic community and the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I had high expectations for this room based on theme alone. I am happy to say they exceeded my expectations.

The actress playing Bess was wonderful. She did a good job of staying in character and giving assistance when needed to the group. She seemed very knowledgeable of Harry and his life. It was fun interacting with her. The room design is especially well done. The effects are amazing. I can’t say every single puzzle fit the theme exactly, but they did do a great job of making most of them make sense within the story. None of the puzzles were too difficult, but they were challenging enough to be fun. They did a good job of incorporating both physical and mental puzzles.

My only complaint is my group. Unfortunately my husband and I ended up in a full room with another couple that appeared to have had a few drinks before arriving and a large group of friends that were much older than us. No one really communicated. After the brilliant intro, my husband and I began playing the game as everyone else stood in the center of the room looking befuddled until someone finally asked, “What do we do?” and I yelled back to start looking for puzzles and clues. It was one of the hardest “pair ups” we’ve encountered. It was even worse because the lobby explanation didn’t include any sort of introductions. Had my husband and I bought out all 10 spots to play alone or brought a group with us, we definitely would have enjoyed ourselves much more.

ESCAPE ROOMS – Divergent Realities: The Informant – California



Divergent Realities is an escape room in San Diego California. They are one of my favorite investigative “FBI style” rooms so far. I really enjoyed the way we were greeted in the lobby and given a test to get our minds working. The intro where we were given the mission was creative and fun. The owners are incredibly passionate about their business and escape rooms in general. I especially liked the simple, yet fun transition to the room itself. I find that is one of the things missing in most escape room experiences, but they really nailed it. The room itself was a simply decorated office set. The room is well designed. I love the way they direct you within the game both through well laid puzzles and the entertaining hint system that fits the story. There was enough to keep both my husband and I busy working on separate puzzles. It is a buyout, so you won’t be playing with strangers. It’s a very well done game. We both had a lot of fun.

ESCAPE ROOMS- PanIQ Room – California 


I had a fun time in the Bunker escape room in Los Angeles. It was just the two of us and we have done other live escape rooms. The puzzles were good.  We had a couple of technical difficulties.  Thank goodness for the walkie talkie to ask for hints…it saved us a couple of times when we had technical difficulties.  I say if you are sure you are right or you think something seems off, call on the walkie and save valuable time.

The Asylum room in Los Angeles is dark and has a lot of random props that you may or may not need. The set design is very detailed and it’s quite an immersive experience.
I personally prefer the Bunker over the Asylum.

The last PanIQ Room we played was in San Diego for the Cemetery. That game had much more simple puzzles, however we have done several games at this point so we’ve seen a lot of the different styles of puzzles before. This one was much more finding and doing physical challenge type puzzles rather than solving math or riddles. It’s a great beginner room. I sent a group of friends there and they are newbies that really enjoyed it.

UPDATE: The San Diego location is now closed.