HAUNTS – Pumkin Jacks Haunted House – CA



Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House is an elaborate home haunt located at 28603 Natalie Lane, Santa Clarita, 91390. This year the theme is Michael Meyers. Pumkin Jack’s is a bit shorter than many professional haunts, but for a home haunt it’s a good length. The set design is impressive. The use of lighting and fog is spot on. The actors really understand the art of the scare. At times I felt like I had been transported into a maze at Halloween Horror Nights. They really nailed it. I hope you will take a trip to visit Pumkin Jack’s this season.

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HAUNTS – Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest – CA

Six Flags Fright Fest Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain always has a quality Fright Fest event. If you enjoy roller coasters and haunted houses, then this event is a must see. Ride coasters all day then stay for the spooky evening activities. You can also continue to ride coasters during Fright Fest. The mazes are a small up charge, but worth it.
I’ve been to several different Fright Fests around the country and Magic Mountain is one of the top. They have more elaborate set designs in their mazes and streets, the actors are skilled, the stage shows are strong and the vibe is overall more of a fun Halloween event for adults rather than just kids and families like some of the other parks. I enjoy the passionate monsters that take to the streets and mazes around sundown during the Halloween season. They bring a special charm to this event that I find is lacking at many of the other Fright Fests as well.
The 2019 Magic Mountain Fright Fest did not bring with it many changes from the previous year, however may of the fan favorites held strong including the Nightmares scare zone, Willoughby House, Sewer of Souls and Red’s Revenge. Vault 666 returned with a bit of a facelift this season. They also did a coffin challenge this year where a handful of people stay in a coffin for 30 hours to win tickets and prizes.Overall it is a fun event for adults and families.
Thank you to Six Flags for inviting me to media night to experience this year’s event!