My 2021 Haunt Schedule

TheHauntGirl’s 2021 Halloween Schedule

Below is my Haunt Season schedule for 2021.

If you see me at an attraction please say hello!

My husband & I are launching our comedic horror themed escape room during haunt season, so I will be limited this year to local attractions as I will also be working at the escape room.

*If you’d like to invite me to your haunt or escape room, please DM me on Instagram @TheHauntGirl or email Thank you!

8/15 – Midsummer Scream

8/20 – Horrorworld

9/9 – Universal HHN

9/12 – Creep it real OC

9/16 – Knott’s Scary Farm

9/18 – Magic Mountain Fright Fest

9/30 – Delusion

10/22 – Fright Nights at AleSmith

HOLIDAY EVENTS – Elf on the Shelf Journey – CA


Looking for fun drive thru events this holiday season? Elf on the Shelf Journey is a fun option! You stay safely in your vehicle as you are “shrunk” to the size of elves and drive through the event helping Santa. Don’t worry you get “Unshrunk” at the end.

Check out the video I made for my other youtube channel of our adventure…heads up I’m a ventriloquist in my other life. 😂