HAUNTS – Hush – MI



Hush is a 40,000 square foot professional haunt just outside of Detroit Michigan. We went in the middle of October and they already had a very large crowd compared to a lot of the haunts this season. It’s nice to see the community out enjoying Halloween early, however keep that in mind when you plan since there are likely be long lines. Hush does offer fast pass and immediate entry options if you are in a hurry or just don’t like to wait. They also have specialty events including glow stick walk throughs in the dark at the end of the season and kids day.


Hush was a fun experience. The props and sets were very well done. I loved the special effects and large animatronics. There were a handful of actors that really understood the art of the scare and storytelling. I especially liked finding out about a few easter eggs in the design such as the Hush logo showing up when you least expect it.


Thank you to Hush for having me out to experience the haunt. It was a great time!

HAUNTS – 13th Floor – AZ


Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 3.36.19 PM.png

13th Floor Phoenix is a large stand alone professional haunted attraction. 13th Floor is a large company in the Haunt community, often acquiring haunted attractions in cities around the United States and bringing them into the 13th Floor family. They also own Fear Farm not too far from this location. However, 13th Floor Phoenix appears to be an original haunt. The original 13th Floor Haunted Attractions are high quality and similar in style, however they are not always similar to the attractions they’ve acquired.

This haunted attraction is a high quality professional haunt. The makeup, props, sets, etc are all very well done. They have made some interesting choices playing with space and balance. The actors are good. Overall it’s a really great haunted attraction. I also enjoyed the line entertainment while you wait.

Thank you 13th Floor for having me as your guest this season. I had a scary fun time!

HAUNTS – The Scream Machine – MI


Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 3.38.38 PM.png

The Scream Machine is a scary fun haunted attraction located in Taylor Michigan. It’s located in a mall which allows for easy parking and space for an indoor line queue. This attraction is wheelchair accessible. It takes about 20 minutes or so to go through the attraction. They also have two mini escape rooms at the end for a small up charge.

The Scream Machine does a great job of keeping you on your toes. They don’t really give you any time to relax, it’s constant scare after scare. The actors work really hard! I was also impressed by the staff here, especially when I realized the person I had been in contact with about visiting was not only running the door but also helping guests with frightened children so that the kids wouldn’t have to go inside. I love the sense of community. The Scream Machine does a good job with sets, props and costumes. They purge the line well so you don’t end up stuck in a conga line. I had a lot of fun going through. I also really enjoyed the escape rooms. I found the carnival themed game especially entertaining and clever.

Overall it’s a very fun way to enjoy the Halloween season! Thank you for inviting me out to experience it. I had a frighteningly fun time!

HAUNTS – Six Flags Fright Fest Discovery Kingdom – CA


Fright Fest Discovery Kingdom is a fun event. You can still ride the rides after dark but beware the roaming monsters. There are several haunted attractions that you can also upgrade to experience. The live shows on the front stage are open to everyone at the event. I thought the stage shows were really well done and entertaining. The haunted mazes had interesting themes and some really great moments. The creative mirror scare and seeing live sharks inside of a haunt were moments that stood out to me most. Overall it was a fun event that seemed to be geared slightly younger and a bit more family friendly than the other Six Flags Fright Fests I’ve attended in the past. Thank you to Discovery Kingdom for having us out to the event.


I don’t usually share my ventriloquism here because that’s a whole different channel, but I happened to take Darwin with me to Northern California for my visit to Fright Fest and we made this video at the event. I hope you enjoy this unusual look at Fright Fest.

HAUNTS – Erebus – MI


First I’d like to congratulate Erebus on their top placement on this year’s USA Today 10Best List. It’s a well deserved win.
Erebus is one of the few haunted attractions I’ve seen that has effectively taken a huge variety of scenes and managed to tell a coherent story. I love the idea that the guests are being used as test subjects to time travel. The addition of a small archway between scenes combined with the story at the top was enough to tell an interesting tale while still allowing for creative freedom in the different sections for amazing scares. The large, unique location adds so much charm to the event. Erebus uses the four levels that houses the haunt effectively having you go up stairs and down ramps in a way that really made me uncertain of where I was and what was coming next. I love the buried alive moment. I found the set and props impressive. I especially loved the Dinosaur.
Overall I think Erebus puts on and incredible event and I hope you’ll check it out. Thank you to Erebus for having us out to experience it.