8 Reasons Escape Rooms Make Amazing Gifts

Looking for the perfect holiday gift this season? Give them an experience they won’t forget!

Blog post by EXIT GAME

1. Amazing Last-Minute Gift Idea

For all the procrastinators who have waited until Christmas Eve to buy a Christmas present, the escape room gift card will save your day.

2. Experiences over Things

There has been a recent trend of people valuing experiences over things. Maybe it is a generational phenomenon– millenials are portrayed in the media to have this characteristic. Or maybe this has always been the case with people, but it’s only now being talked about more. Perhaps this is a good thing for humanity, to escape the need to accumulate material items. Either way, experiences (or the memories of them) will last a lifetime, whereas the shelf life of a “thing” is fleeting. Giving an escape room as a gift is an exciting experience that can be shared with friends.

3. Unique/ Never Received This Gift Before / Memorable!

Given that escape rooms only emerged in the last few years, gifting them as presents probably does not occur to many people. Although gift cards, in general, are ultra-popular, you won’t find an escape room gift card (at least not yet) at your local grocery store. If you want to stand out as unique, give the gift of escape.

4. Never Played an Escape Room In for a big surprise!

Similar to the previous point, but this deserves its own mention. Not only will you be giving a super unique gift, but you will simultaneously be introducing a newbie into the escape universe. There has yet to be a human being found that doesn’t like escape rooms (truth, does not require source). Your gamble here will pay super big dividends once your giftee discovers that you’ve introduced them to their new biggest passion in life.

That look you give when you find out you are going to an escape room

5. Easy Gift / Technically an E-commerce purchase

Technology (high five to the internet) has made it easy for you to gift this experience. Although you can buy a gift voucher online and the person can redeem it online, they WILL eventually have to visit a physical location to fully experience the gift.

6. A “Flexible” Gift

An escape room can be a great gift whether you know the person really well or not (like a secret Santa or white elephant exchange). The person you know well will think, “wow, what a thoughtful gift!” While the stranger will think, “cool, I’ve always wanted to try an escape room!” Additionally– the person receiving the escape room gift voucher: 1) Can redeem it whenever they want (no expiration); 2)Play any game (offered at location). 3)Can use for a large or smaller group. Example, 10 tickets can be used for 1 game and 10 people; or, 2 people could play all 5 games (2×5= 10 tickets); or some combination in between.

7. Double the Excitement

Happiness when they get the gift. Another dose of happiness when they actually use it. Definitely a two-fer. Best bang for your buck holiday or birthday gift idea.

8. They Might Invite You!

Selfish reason, but hey! It’s almost like buying yourself a gift, but not as obvious.

HAUNTS – Delusion – CA


Delusion is an incredible immersive theatrical production in Southern California. It is located at the beautiful and historic Phillips Mansion this season. One of the things I found especially unique was the integration of the actual historic facts into the play which included making the Phillips’ family characters in the show.

Delusion is a unique ghost story in which you the audience members play an interactive role. I was actually given a messenger bag with an important artifact to carry throughout the performance and use at key moments. You encounter many characters and scenes spanning about an hour, however give yourself plenty of time to explore before and after your showtime. Also be sure to have a cell phone with you so they can text you when they are ready for your party to enter the experience.

The set design, story, props, acting and so forth are always impeccable at Delusion events and this year was no exception. You can see a sneak peak into the mansion in the photos below.

There is a VIP experience that you can do upstairs prior to or after your main event. It’s a fun and interesting exploration of a few additional rooms and one additional character interaction that is limited to 4 people at a time. Leave ample time for waiting in line upstairs, having a drink and seeing some magic by the talented Jimmy H.


Wear comfortable clothes & shoes.

Be prepared to go up and down stairs at a quick pace.

Arrive a few minutes early for parking & check-in.