HAUNTS – Fear The Woods – GA


Fear the Woods is a haunted attraction consisting of 3 attractions in a beautiful location in Stockbridge. They asked us to complete the attractions in a specific order. First we began with a walk through haunted attraction near the front that had many twists and turns. The second was a fun zombie laser experience outdoors. We were divided into small groups and set loose to “kill” as many zombies as possible without dying ourselves. This was actually my favorite attraction because it was so unique and fun. The third attraction required a bus trip to the entrance where we meet a gatekeeper that divided the bus load into smaller groups to walk through. There were many different themes throughout the trail in the woods. We exited the trail into the parking lot.

They did a great job with crowd flow. I especially enjoyed the monsters in the midway area, but everyone was clearly working very hard to scare guests throughout. One thing they seemed to do more here than other events I’ve experienced is mess with your balance and footing, so be careful and watch your step. Thank you Fear the Woods for having me out to see your event.

*Photos provided by Fear the Woods


HAUNTS – Netherworld Haunted House – GA


October 2019

Netherworld is a haunted attraction in a category all it’s own. This professional haunt consists of two walk through haunts, midway, gift store and a unique museum. It’s now located next to Netherworld Escape, so you can also book an escape game prior to experiencing the Haunt if you’d like.

Netherworld is an impressive collection of elaborate animatronics, props, sets and several live actors. There isn’t really a storytelling aspect to the larger attraction, it’s more of a massive, overwhelming amount of craziness coming at you. I was physically exhausted by the end from the adrenaline rush of it all.

I took a short break in the midway to take photos with monsters, play in the foam and play the mini escape game before heading to the second haunt.

This year the theme for the additional haunted walk through was dinosaurs. It was definitely a more focused theme than the larger haunt, but still not especially story heavy. The last creature was my favorite.

I honestly found myself more in awww of the magnificent creatures in Netherworld than frightened. I walked through smiling and wide-eyed like a child in a candy shop, throughly overwhelmed by the amount of awesomeness surrounding me. Occasionally a special effect or flying creature would catch me off guard and make me squeal, but overall it didn’t leave me with nightmares.

The museum on the other hand did give me an uneasy feeling. I was genuinely frightened by something in there that still stuck with me days later. I highly recommend experiencing it.

I like the new location a lot. There is parking across the street.

Overall, I highly recommend experiencing Netherworld. It’s worth a trip for those haunt enthusiasts that travel around the country seeing events.

Thank you Netherworld for having me out to see your event! I had an amazing time!

HAUNTS – Containment – GA


October 2019

Containment is an incredible story based haunted attraction that uniquely blends immersive theatre and traditional jump scares into a fun, heart pounding experience.

My husband and I were grouped with a pair of teenage brothers that were especially jumpy. (I will admit their energy added to the fun.) The opening interaction with the large creature was creepy fun. Soon after Helga explained more of the story in her own interesting way as well as asked our fears. I loved this moment because not only was the actress wonderful, but it put us into a specific mental state focusing on our real fears, whether or not we’d experience them inside. I also think it set us up to be more affected by the shadow that almost seemed to be lurking everywhere. The creators at Containment appear to have a deep passion for the art of the haunt. They understand how to effectively scare people of all ages. They have some of the strongest performers I’ve seen and I applaud them.

Thank you to Containment for inviting me to see this year’s event. I was very impressed.


The Séance

A Frightening Interactive Theatre Experience

Written and Directed by Madison Rhoades

THIS HALLOWEEN SEASON- October 2- November 3, 2019

ANAHEIM, Calif., (September 2019)- Summon the dead and step beyond the veil in the world premiere of The Séance, written and directed by Madison Rhoades. Eight guests will sit around the table with Madam Ruby and take part in her ritual. But who or what will be waiting for you on the other side?

This hour-long performance is a frightening interactive theatre experience with live actors and special effects. You will be required to interact with your surroundings and others, living or dead, in the room.

The Séance is NOT an escape room, although it is created by Luke and Madison Rhoades, owners of Cross Roads Escape Games. With a background in theatre, Luke and Madison are going back to their roots to create a theatrical show but where audience is in the middle of the action.

This husband and wife team is determined to break the entertainment mold and continue to create more unique interactive experiences.

Tickets range from $45-$60 per person. The experience is 60 minutes long and for up to 8 guests over the age of 16. Shows are available October 2nd- November 3rd, Wednesday-Sunday until midnight. Limited tickets are available. Please be aware this show involves light touching, strobe lights, fog, and smells. Audience must be able to navigate stairs on their own.

Tickets: $45-$60 per person, on sale now at http://www.CrossRoadsEscapeGames.com/the-seance/

Ages: 16 and up with a parent or guardian’s permission.

Run: 10/02/19- 11/03/19. Wednesday- Sunday.

Warnings: Contains light touching, strobe lights, fog, smells, and stairs.

Playbill: https://crossroadsescapegames.com/the-seance/the-seance-playbill/

YouTube Trailer: https://youtu.be/ISRE6tLoCJE

Location: 4245 East La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807

Email: Info@CrossRoadsEscapeGames.com

Phone: (714) 572-1004

Facebook: @CrossRoadsEscapeGames

Twitter: @CRescapegames

Instagram: @Cross_Roads_Escape_Games

ESCAPE ROOMS – Escape Factor – IL


Fun Time Game Show Challenge at Escape Factor is one of my favorite Escape Rooms in the Midwest. I happen to be slightly obsessed with escape rooms and being a game show contestant, so two of my worlds collided in this experience. I was lucky enough to be able to book a last minute game with three strangers and fit this in my Chicago weekend trip. They were a great team of experienced players. We were able to work together to escape in time. I love the set design and props. The bright colors and familiar themes made it even more like a real game show set. The puzzles were fun and creative. I especially enjoyed the word puzzles and physical challenges. There are a few activities that are especially good for new players such as doing simple tasks repeatedly, but nothing that I found annoying or frustrating as an experienced player (like excessive amounts of math or searching). The flow of the game was spot on. The game master is in the room with you as a character. Most importantly the game was very fun! I highly recommend this escape room for all experience levels.


I also played the 30 minute doctor’s office game alone. It’s a fun, logical, clever escape room. The theme is doctors waiting room, so the set isn’t anything especially spectacular compared to their hour games. I enjoyed the interaction of the game master in character. I would recommend the game be played with two people, but doable with one. Overall I had a fun time playing the game and thought the puzzles were enjoyable.


Before leaving for the day I played the 15 minute challenge in the lobby. It’s a fun little challenge game. They also take it to fairs and festivals if I understood correctly. It’s a quick, standard escape puzzle game. It’s fun.




Knott’s Scary Farm, where nightmares never end, is one of the top rated haunted theme park attractions in the nation. Scary Farm has something for every haunt lover from frightening mazes to thrilling rides to incredible spooky snacks to impressive shows. There is so much to do that it’s difficult to get through everything in just one night even with a front of the line pass. We attended the media event on opening night and were able to see The Hanging and Puppet Up as well as eat and see most of the mazes, but there is just so much to do.

The mazes were incredible as always, combining jump scares and practical effects with fun technology. Knott’s is really good at storytelling throughout the mazes as well.

The Hanging was a bit different this year. The cast was very talented. The stunts were wonderful. They razz Disney a bit more than usual and the actual payoff this year at the end was…ummmm…non-traditional.

Puppet Up really stood out to me as unique and fun, filled with extremely talented performers. It’s a wonderful addition to the event. It’s unique style of interactive comedy is hilarious. Do NOT miss Puppet Up Uncensored.

Overall this year is an amazing event not to be missed. Thank you Knott’s for inviting us out to experience it.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Shadow Space (Los Angeles)

The Shadow Space

Best Medicine Productions announces an extended run of:

The Shadow Space: A Haunted Affair

A near death afterlife experience where you, a ghost, get to haunt the living!

Los Angeles- Sept. 15, 2019- Best Medicine Productions is happy to announce the remounting of their popular new event, The Shadow Space: A Haunted Affair. It’s an immersive experience that combines elements of a mystery play, escape game, ghost story and interactive challenge to create something completely new. After a successful run this past May, it returns October 8-Nov. 3 for two shows a night, six nights a week at the historic Hartsock House on Gower St. in the heart of Los Angeles.

What is The Shadow Space?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk unseen? To discover private

passions? Hear whispered secrets? Have you ever wanted to experience a haunting from the other side? The Shadow Space is a new series of performances where the audience is welcomed by afterlife spirit guides, who have arranged a haunting package. They take you into a living home and teach you the basic rules of haunting as the living go about their lives, unable to see you, the guest. In this performance, A Haunted Affair, you visit the home of a couple who are having friends over for a big night~ and the guides were able to learn some juicy gossip on these four people that should guarantee an exciting evening. Over the course of the evening, a simple haunting has a twist that not even the spirit world could have foreseen, causing the audience to take a more active role in the events of these four. Can you help the living avoid an even worse fate than death? Do you dare try?


“Blends up escape rooms, immersive theatre, and a mystery with a clever conceit, unusually intimate audience size, and strong, nuanced acting.”

– NoProcenium.com

“It simply refuses to be put into tidy little categories.”


“The Shadow Space manages to invent a rather brilliant format.”

– Horror.net