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Announcing The Road to Innsmouth Deluxe Edition, an immersive, multi media puzzle-solving experience with interactive collectible artifacts from Hourglass Escapes. Based in the Arkham Horror Files universe, players use digital gameplay to follow the story of Stella Clark’s journey into the heart of Innsmouth. This exceptional adventure releases Tuesday, January 31st and is
available for pre-order now at your local board game retailer for $39.99 or purchase the Digital Only version on release from

The Road to Innsmouth Deluxe Edition is an Arkham Horror–branded digital experience with interactive collectible artifacts. Players will help guide Stella through multiple perils in the hopes of getting her to a mysterious meeting. Featuring the voice talents of Persephone Valentine, (Fast Times at DnD High) and Yuri Lowenthal (Naruto and Marvel’s Spider-Man) this classic
online puzzle adventure will take Arkham Horror fans through the eerie streets of Innsmouth and into the Gilman House Hotel. The Deluxe Edition, containing interactive collectible items players can use to help solve the puzzles and get Stella to the hotel safely, such as:

  • Gilman House Hotel Key – Curious Postcard – Mysterious Map
  • Strange Membership Card – Full-Color Poster – Worn Ticket
  • Metal Coin – Aged Bookmark – Ancient Totem (12cm)
    Arkham Horror Files: The Road to Innsmouth Deluxe Edition will retail for $39.99.


About Hourglass Escapes
Hourglass Escapes has been bringing top-quality games to Seattle–and, thanks to its innovative virtual avatar adaptations,everywhere else–since 2016. Led by TV/film industry veteran Seth Wolfson, Hourglass has received awards from Escape Authority, Escape the ROOMers, and other popular review sites. It has created over a dozen in-person, virtual, and online games. For more information visit

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About Fantasy Flight Games
Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) is a pioneering publisher of hobby board and card games, including
trademarked Living Card Games®. Established in 1995, FFG has earned a reputation for its epic themes, immersive gameplay, and top-level components. Many of FFG’s most popular titles are based on beloved licenses such as Star WarsTM, Marvel, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, and George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. In addition, FFG has its own iconic universes such as Arkham Horror Files, Terrinoth Legends, and Twilight Imperium. Throughout the course of the studio’s rich history, FFG has published games in over thirty languages and distributed to more than fiy territories. Fantasy Flight Games is a subsidiary of Paris-based Asmodee Group, a leading global publisher of tabletop games. For more information, visit

ESCAPE ROOMS – Escape games PDX – OR


*Christine Barger (aka The Haunt Girl) became an escape room creator & owner in 2021 at Exit Game OC in Anaheim CA. Opinions given by thehauntgirl are uniquely those of Christine & do not reflect the opinions of the escape game company.


hey everybody it’s Christine the haunt girl and today I am talking about film Noir The Case of the dark Rose an escape game at escape games PDX in Portland Oregon

if you’re new to my Channel please take a moment to hit subscribe to Notifications alright thank you all that already subscribe and check out my blog yay okay so my friends and I were at Rose City Comic Con and we were like we need an escape room play and we found this one and so we like took an Uber over so this is kind of dodgy looking area in the middle of nowhere Portland and it was awesome okay so the game is set in the 1950s it’s a two to six player game it’s very traditional and gameplay as far as puzzle style and structure um we had a blast uh my friends also love escape rooms and so we kind of blew through some of the puzzles we definitely had some struggles on our binding searching moments although one of my friends thankfully is much better at searching and finding than I am uh and uh we had a really good time the theme is a really fun 1950s like you’re a gum shoe you’re there trying to solve a murder what happened who done it uh it’s really fun in the way that they’ve Incorporated the theme into the puzzles there were some really fun things that I hadn’t seen quite like they did it before um I really really loved the use of lighting in one of the puzzles and how they did that and I also loved just how well they had decorated the room and Incorporated all of the set pieces and the props and stuff into the game in a very organic way overall really really fun um well thought out fun enough story you discover and unravel the story as you go and just a really good time so I hope you’ll go check them out I’ll put the link down in the description below thanks for watching you can see more at my blog and uh also you can find me on all the social medias @thehauntgirl thanks for watching

ESCAPE ROOMS- Ronnie’s House – WA


hanging out at Ronnie’s House at NWEscapeExperience

*Christine Barger (aka The Haunt Girl) became an escape room creator & owner in 2021 at Exit Game OC in Anaheim CA. Opinions given by thehauntgirl are uniquely those of Christine & do not reflect the opinions of the escape game company.

AT HOME ESCAPE GAMES – A Haunting in Apex by While Brain Escape – home


*Christine Barger (aka The Haunt Girl) became an escape room creator & owner in 2021 at Exit Game OC in Anaheim CA. Opinions given by thehauntgirl are uniquely those of Christine & do not reflect the opinions of the escape game company.


Hey everybody it’s Christine the haunt girl and today I am talking about a haunting in Apex by Whole Brain Escape.

I would like to thank Whole Brain Escape for sending me a preview copy of this game they have a Kickstarter up right now which has already been fully funded so make sure you jump on board with the rest of the folks to get this game when it is out I was like oh my goodness look at all these puzzles when I opened this game and then there were more there’s like so many puzzles uh I really enjoyed the type of puzzles that are in this game uh as you can see the pieces and the the props are really well done and this is just the preview version so I imagine once it’s funded they are going to do some other things possibly with the contents of the box but from what I was told the puzzles will stay the same but I thought that the quality was really well done for a lot of the props anyway and I really liked the puzzle so I liked the layout as well and the way that they do their Solutions in hint system so if you solve your puzzle you go to this book and you make sure to look at the thing you solved and see if it is the correct code to the code on the puzzle and if it is then you know you’ve matched you know you’re correct and if not then it doesn’t give you the answer so you can go back and you can then solve the puzzle again make sure you’re correct check it that sort of thing so it works out really well also it isn’t necessarily linear so you can work on the first half of the puzzles as a group and they recommend one to four on this game like people so if you’re working by yourself great you’ll probably do it linear uh but if you’re working with a group then some of you can work on some of the puzzles and like I did and my husband worked on some of the other puzzles and then we worked together um moving forward so it’s it’s a really cool format on the game and uh the puzzles were not too difficult that you’re like pulling your hair out but definitely not simple and several of them were um a little multi-step I guess so uh I really enjoyed them there were a couple twists on some puzzles I’d seen before but they did them in a slightly different way which threw me then I was like wait a minute I don’t know the answer to this and then I had to go back and like solve more oh yeah okay now I see so um I enjoyed that as well as someone who’s played a lot of box games a lot of in-person live Escape rooms virtual games there’s you know a lot of puzzles that I’ve seen before and they specifically one that I can think of off the top of my head where I was like um sneaky sneaker so I quite liked that I thought that was really fun um the story is there’s a ghost and uh the ghost Society is coming in and you are are if you are the determinant of whether or not they succeed so if you can succeed then they see finding out what is the truth there’s a story the puzzles go along with that which is great it’s coherent it makes sense everything seems to be pretty logical um I did get stumped once with the hit system in the Box I was able to check on something but it wasn’t the hint that I specifically needed so I was a little a little stuck for a minute another thing I really liked is there are QR codes for you to hear audio Clues but if you don’t want to or can’t they also had them typed out so that was quite nice for accessibility purposes um just overall I think it’s very well done it’s fun and I hope you will go check out their Kickstarter down in the description below thanks for watching

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2022 HALLOWEEN EVENTS – Los Angeles/OC

This is a list of Halloween events in the Los Angeles & surrounding areas. It includes events within a reasonable drive from the LA County/Orange County areas. It will not include San Diego or San Francisco, even though I promise I love cities that start with “SAN” they are just too far to consider a reasonable drive for most people. I HIGHLY recommend that you click the links and research the events & locations yourself because I occasionally find things reasonably close when others do not.


Castle Dark

Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios

Knott’s Scary Farm

Six Flag’s Fright Fest


17th Door (extreme)

All Saints Lunatic Asylum

Coffin Creek

Dark Harvest

Fear Farm

Ghosted MHP

Greenspot Farms

Halls of Horror (presented by LAC High School Theatre Dept)

Hallows Eve Inc. Presents: Undead Circus

Haunted Amusement Park

Haunted Harvest

Haunted House of Misfits

Hauntington Beach Manor

High Desert Haunted House

LA Haunted Hayride

Mansion of Lost Souls

Reign of Terror

Santa Ana Haunt

Shaqtoberfest at the Queen Mary

Sinister Trails

Tunnel of Terror (drive thru event)


13th Basement – Exit Game OC

Blood Thirst & Awakened – Chronos Escape Room

Cabin 13 & Georgie – Legacy Escape Rooms

Cannibal’s Den & Bloody Elbow – Quest Rooms

Dr. Jorg’s Lab – Infinity Escape

Hex Room – Crossroads Escape Games

Taken, Operation Nightwalker (& Areana???) – Mindtrap Escape Room

The Cabin – The Room LA

The Darkest Hour – Mission Escape Games

The Menagerie – Trapped

The Mystery of Stillwater Asylum – Kryptic Tales

The Orphanage, Dr. Psycho, Dracula & Ghost Ship – 60Out

Vampire, They’re Coming & Jack the Ripper – Maze Rooms

Vampire Slayers – Back in Time

Zodiac Killer, The Secrets of Shadow Point & Zombie Apocalypse – Wild Goose Escapes

Zombie Lab, Doctor’s Office & Captive Chamber – Horror Escapes LA (has actors on weekends)

Zombie, Haunted Fair, DayCare, Resurrection & Attic – Escape Hotel


Kidnapped – Open Door Escape Games

Murderco – Black Market Escapes (extreme option available)

Project Minotaur & Resurrection – Quest Rooms

The Basement, The Study & The Courtyard – The Basement

The Butcher – Deceptive Games

The Hide – Escape Room Era

The Last Supper – Quest Tavern

The Silence & Invisible Man – 13th Room

Weeping Witch – Crossroads Escape Games

Zoe & The Last Experiment – Escapade Games (extreme option available)


Boston Bar Bloodsuckers


Halls of Horror (fundraiser)

Hotel Who

House of Spirits A Haunted Cocktail Soiree


Nightmare at Dos Lagos

Sinister Pointe Ghostly Retreat

Stranger Things Are Happening in Santa Paula

Tales From Tomorrow

The Willows


Zombie Joes


Bob Baker Marionette Theatre

Carnival of Darkness


Cemetery Lane

Frosty’s Forest


Mr Bones Pumpkin Patch Culver City

Nights of the Jack

Toluca Lake Pumpkin Festival



Ghost Walk Riverside Carnevil

Haunted Rose

Historic Cemetery Tour

HorrorCon – Oct 1-2

Night of Terror

Paranormal Cirque Show

Seaside Oddities

Son of Monsterpalooza – Oct 14-16

Haunted Little Tokyo Block Party – Oct 29


Caitlin Manor

Circus of Nightmares

Clybourn Manor


Fairbrook Manor

Ghostwood Manor

Hallows of Greentree

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Bones Gulch (fundraiser)

Holiday Fantasies Come to Life

Lilley Hall Toluca Lake

Macdevitt Manor

Maze of Mayhem

Nightmare at Cottonwood Corner

Pickerton Legend – Elm Street Prods (fundraiser)


Realm of Shadow

Rotten Apple 907

Santa Ana Haunt

Straite to Hale

The Fun House

Welcome Home


Inferno & Burlesque – American Contemporary Ballet

WhoHa Halloween– Oct 27

ESCAPE ROOMS – Men in Suits Maze Rooms – CA


*we were comped to play this escape room

**Christine Barger (aka The Haunt Girl) became an escape room creator & owner in 2021 at Exit Game OC in Anaheim CA. Opinions given by thehauntgirl are uniquely those of Christine & do not reflect the opinions of the escape game company.