HAUNTS- Midsummer Scream – California

There are many different conventions for Halloween and Haunt enthusiasts, but Midsummer Scream is the top in SoCal. It was a very large event this year with many mini haunts, mini escape rooms, vendors for all of your Halloween desires and most notably amazing panels and workshops. There was even a kids area with family friendly entertainment and crafts. It was nearly impossible to see everything I wanted to, much less everything. I recommend getting there early and planning to stay the entire day for every day of the 2018 event.

Event website: http://midsummerscream.org/

Fans may sign up on the site for email notifications and announcements, including discounts and other special offers.  Be sure to follow Midsummer Scream on social media as well – Twitter/Periscope: @MidsummerScreamInstagram: @MidsummerScream, and Facebook: facebook.com/midsummerscream.






How to start your own escape room business

Many people want to know how to start their own escape room business. I know there was a room full of curious entrepreneurs at the Midsummer Scream class this year where guest speakers Madison & Luke Rhoades lectured on the topic. The Rhoades are the creators and owners of Cross Roads Escape Games (pun intended). They were kind enough to allow me to record the talk. This is Part 1 covering the basics of dealing with the city, fire codes, etc. They are scheduled to cover the more creative side of the business this weekend at their lecture at ScareLA.

Be sure to play Cross Roads Escape Games: